Press coverage round up

Photo by KF, creative commons license

Last Monday (December 12th) the Council executive met, and as expected they agreed to put forward the proposed 2012/13 budget through to consultation and scrutiny.

Both Trafford borough newspapers used our campaign as their main angle for their coverage. The Messenger had this story by Rick Bowen, featuring a handsome line-up of familiar faces on their front page:

WAR OF WORDS: Campaigners say No to library cuts.

The Trafford Advertiser (MEN) ran a couple of stories over the week – this one in response to our open letter on the 12th:

Campaigners to fight council plans over libraries

…and this one by Katherine Vine  in their Advertiser coverage on the 14th

Objectors will not co-operate with Trafford council’s cost-cutting plan

There was also a shorter version of the story in the main Manchester Evening News paper edition that goes out across Greater Manchester.

As for the national press, The Guardian website picked up on the Open Letter within hours of the campaign launching, and ran an extended excerpt on this page here:

Society Daily

And then as the icing on the cake, and perhaps the most surprising piece of coverage we’ve had… the arch-conservative Sunday Express ran a generally positive piece on Sunday 18th (with a great headline too):


All in all, we got just about all the coverage we could have hoped for and then some. It’s probably safe to say we have launched with a bang – but the real campaign starts here.


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