The first formal meeting of the Hands Off Old Library campaign was held tonight and was a fantastic success. Around 30 people made it down on a bleak winter evening and there was a fast, furious, occasionally chaotic burst of energy, ideas and questions.

The crucial outcomes were something like this:

A sub-group has formed to arrange and prepare a delegation to meet with council representatives at the earliest opportunity, where they will seek clarification of many unanswered questions about the proposals and continue to press our case against.

Another sub-group is forming to plan two events during National Libraries week, January 30th – February 4th. The first should be a public meeting, where we will invite representatives of the Council executive to put their case, answer questions and listen to the views of residents.

The second will be some sort of event or day of action for Saturday February 4th. That will require as many hands and heads as possible to get involved and help out. If you can in any way help with organisation, do please send us an email through the contact page on this site, or leave us a message below.

We will also soon have an online petition to accompany the hard copy currently being signed (around 1,000 times so far and counting) at OT Community Centre and elsewhere. Watch this space.

Finally, if you have any ideas for campaigning or useful contacts, do please let us know. Watch this space for updates.


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