Important dates for your diary

DATE 1 – SATURDAY FEBRUARY 4th  – National LIbraries Day – DAY OF ACTION, 2-4pm.

Shrewsbury Street, St Bride’s Field and / or St Bride’s Church.

A little group of us got together to plan what we could do for the Day of Action. We wanted to send a message to the  council in a fun and imaginative way.

We’re pleased to announce that Union Street Media Arts have agreed to take on the production of HANDS OFF OLD TRAFFORD LIBRARY – THE MOVIE!

We won’t spoil the surprise here, but suffice to say we want hundreds of residents to turn up at 2pm or as soon as you can after that, and make your contribution. It will be fun, creative, and not too demanding or embarrassing for you!  We’ll get the film edited ASAP, uploaded to YouTube and shared everywhere we can, including sending the link directly to all the Councillors and key staff and urging them to watch.

Please cancel all plans and get yourself down there. Bring every friend, neighbour, family member or colleague you can muster.

As well as making the movie, we’ll arrange some other activities. Most important one is getting as many people as possible to fill out the Council’s consultation document and sign petitions etc. We’ll also sort out a little PA and mic to make a little ‘speaker’s corner’ somewhere. If anyone wants to say a few words, or if anyone knows any poets or musicians who would like to take the mic for 5 minutes that would be brilliant. If it’s nice, all of this will be outside, if it’s ‘Manchester in February’ weather we’ve arranged access to the public lobby areas of St Bride’s Church, just next door.

And of course it is National Libraries Day. Sure Start are arranging activities for children in the library until 4pm, so if you’ve got kids bring them along and take them inside, it would be good if we could help make National LIbraries Day a success inside the library, as well as making our point outside.

There will be plenty of help needed on the day, so if you can get down a bit early and  / or stay beyond the end to help tidy up, that would be much appreciated.


St John’s Centre, St John’s Road, Old Trafford M16 7GX

This special forum has been organised to give residents the opportunity to directly discuss and debate these proposals with senior council staff and executive councillors.

It’s very important that everyone with an opinion on this comes along to tell the council exactly how we feel. It is so important that we show them the depth and breadth of feeling in the area about this. Again, please cancel everything to be there, and bring everyone you can. Tell your friends, tell anyone and everyone! There are 150 seats in St John’s Centre. Let’s make sure every one of them is filled.

We’ve knocked up a quick poster to advertise both events. If you’re able to download this and print off some copies of this (ideally in colour)   please do so – we really need to get these in every shop window (and a fair few house windows) in Old Trafford in the next day or two.

Thanks for your support.


One Comment to “Important dates for your diary”

  1. Sorry I can’t be with you today but best of luck. I grew up in an ordinary family in Stretford with no tradition of staying at school past age 16. With a state education and interests fired by the books and magazines of Trafford Libraries, I was lucky enough to win a place at Oxford. More importantly I have had a lifetime of stimulation and enjoyment from books and learning. It’s so important we don’t take these sort of chances away from our children.

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